Martes, Enero 31, 2012

personal plan to achieve financial independence and professional independence

i have a vision. and as early as now, i am making a move to make it happen. as a student, i aim to educate and equipped myself with the best standards of professionalism and update myself with the standards of knowledge s that i may be able to build the confidence within me.
i should surround myself with an environment of people with great perspectives and positive influences towards me so that i could broaden my skills and intellect. these would give me the opportunity to relate and adjust to a range of personalities.
there would always be obstacles and hindrances along the way, but these wouldn't stop me from pursuing my ambitions. my intuition and faults i would always charge to my experience. i will not stop myself from pursuing and following my hearts desire.accumulating my knowledge and experience, i intend to engage myself in small scale businesses.
these would teach me the values of saving and allotment of resources and time management. i would also like to pay attention to the value of self motivation. reminding myself,that whatever happens along the way, i should stand up, pick up the pieces and move on. after all,  these are all part of the process, the process towards success.

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